Granite Colours India
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Are You Looking For Top 10 Indian Granite Colours ? Granite is a natural stone which appears in huge range of colours. It is fully natural process to form the Steadiness colour. Firmness is most commonly used in everything from buildings to sculptures. It is the natural stone which is attached with the beauty and luxury. It is very strong so it is top most choice of home makers. There are many Granite colours India options to use for various purposes. It is considered as a symbol of status, strength and durability .

Granite Colours India
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Plutonic Rock colour ranges from the spectrum from white to black to pink. Every piece of Stone has different colour.  Batholite is an invasive igneous rock with large minerals. It is a mixture of minerals and rocks such as quartz, potassium, mica and trace. It contains 20-60% quartz, 10-65% feldspar and 5-15% mica. The minerals make the unique colour of pluton.

Granite Colours India

Indian Plutonic Rock are available in high quality. They are hard in nature and their quality is good as compared to Chinese firmness. There are many colors available in India.

  • Black : absolute black and black galaxy
  • White : Kashmir white, Alaska white, moon white
  • Red : new imperial red, red multicolour
  • Blue : vizag blue, lavender blue
  • Brown : tan brown, desert brown and paradiso
  • Yellow : crystal yellow and Nosra yellow
  • Beige : ivory brown and Madura gold
  • Green : Hassan green and kuppam green
  • Pink : rosy pink and chima pink

Granite Colour Names

  • Colonel gold
  • Jhansi red
  • Himalayan blue
  • Colonial white
  • Biancoantico
  • Absolute black
  • New imperial black
  • Tan brown
  • Rosy pink
  • Monte cristo
  • Jasmine white
  • Icon brown
  • White galaxy

There are many granite colours India Produce. They come in unique designs that you can pick according to your choice and purpose. White, brown and black are granite colour for kitchen.

Some colours are warm or some are cool. Some are both warm as well as cool. It is the colour temperature that affects psychological. There are numerous and popular granite colours India available at big exporters in India. They offer light and dark Pluton colours for the construction and decoration of kitchen, bath floor and kitchen floor. Dark Batholite is more durable as compared to lighter one.

While considering specific granite colour, keep in mind of the following facts:-

  • Amount of lightning inside your house
  • Colour of interior walls
  • Purpose of the area where the granite is laid
  • The dimension of the granite is laid.

Which Granite Colour Is Best ?

Selecting a granite color always depend upon your preferences and taste. If you are well savant of colour persona then it is easy for you to take a perfect decision according to your needs and preferences. If you don’t have a good knowledge about colours then you need expert advice who will guide you in right way. Choosing a granite colour needs thorough identification. There are some options:-

  • Dark colours: black, brown, blue and red
  • Lighter colours: cream, grey and light brown
  • Light and dark combination
  • Colours beyond white and dark granite
  • To take a decision, it is important that you understand the colour effect, colour performance, colour rhythm and colour combination with the surroundings.

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