Stone Cladding Bring A Change In The Appearance Of Your House

Stone Cladding
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Is your house looking dull because of the external painting? Do you want to give a touch of a vintage look to your drawing room? Well, you can definitely do the same over the existing paint of the walls of your house. All you need to do is stone cladding your house and make it look immensely majestic and beautiful. Cladding Made Of Thin Layer Of Stone.

What Is Stone Cladding

It is a process by which an artificial layer of natural stone Veneer is applied to the existing wall. After applying this, the walls appear to have been made up of that particular natural stone Cladding itself. Apart from natural stones, artificial stones are also used by many stone cladding companies. Usually, it is seen that stone cladding is done on concrete or steel buildings to change the overall look of the same.

The various stone wall cladding tiles that are used in the process are of varying sizes and varying thicknesses which are suited to fit in different types of walls as per the requirement of the owner of the house. The tiles are made up of different materials such as marble, granite, slate, kota, limestone, quartz and several other varieties of stones. These Exterior stones will give a wonderful cladding textures and the Stone finishes look of the walls is really eye-soothing .

Due to the varied texture, the stone-clad walls retain some aesthetic properties as well. One of the distinct types of Wall cladding which can be used in both exterior and interior is sandstone cladding. Nowadays, this type is growing highly popular. Sandstone may be used with a blend of different colours to suit the requirement of anybody and it would look Attractive every time.

Have You Ever Thought Why Is Done And Why Is Useful ?

Well, many of us think that it only makes the house look beautiful and unique from all the other houses of the locality. The stones used for stone cladding system are highly durable and can last even for fifty years in one go. When clad with stone, it helps to regulate the temperature of the house’s interior by acting as an insulator. Besides giving a classy and magnificent look, these stone panels Cladding are totally resistant to external atmospheric agents.

Unlike wood cladding, it is resistant to heat. Hence, even cladding stones to a fireplace is not of any problem. Stone adhesives used for the process is mainly mortar with some other additives which help to fix the stones against the wall. Use of such adhesives makes the fixation proper and there is hardly any chance of the artificial or natural stones coming out.

Can It Be Painted Or Not ?

To answer this, it must be said that you can paint anything you want. But it is preferable not to paint a stone cladding. The texture which the cladding provides is itself sober and significant to look at. Painting it might destroy the look it was provided earlier. Also, since it is an uneven surface, painting evenly might become difficult. However, if the cladding has grown too old and looks dull, then you may paint it according to your wish.

Just as the painting of any stone cladding is possible, similarly removal of paints from it is also possible. It is recommended to begin the removal of paints from stone cladding wall starting with a mild method and leading onto an aggressive method. The following methods can be adapted for the removal of paints :

Weathering: This is a method by which the paints deter naturally.

•    Water washing : Simply washing the stone clad wall can result in the paint to come off. The process might include simple sponging or scrubbing with brushes containing soft bristle.

•    Steam-stripping : In this process, super-heated steam, at low-pressures are used for removing paints.

•    Solvent and alkaline chemical removers might also be used for the removal of paints. In the case of solvent chemical removers, a water-soluble remover might be used while in the case of alkaline remover, caustic soda or potash might be used for removal of paints.

•    Manual abrasive methods: Different methods like scraping, sanding and wire-bristle brushing are some of the ways in which paints from stone cladding are removed aggressively and manually.

•    Automatic abrasive methods: Blasting of sand and grit stones and water under high-pressure are used for removing paints. However, this method may lead to disruption in the stone cladding texture.

There are many varieties of cladding panels available in the market and fixing these on the wall of any building is not really an easy task. Professionals need to be employed for this purpose to be completed successfully. Other types of cladding might be an easier task but due to its sheer weight, stone cladding tiles on the wall often turns out to be cumbersome to hold against the wall. The stone cladding tends to fall off its fixation because it exerts a huge weight on the wall.

Therefore before stone walls, it is important to ensure that the wall, floor or ceiling is totally dirt and dust free in order to facilitate sound adhesion. Installation of cladding on walls can be done in two ways –

  1. Large pieces of rocks can be glued or fixed to a board or ply with the help of adhesives like mortar.
  2. Small sized stones and pebbles can be smeared on board and fixed in order to bring a mosaic look.

All kinds of cladding, both in the interior and exterior of a house gives an embellished look to your asset. While installing cladding Stone, you should keep in mind that there should be some amount of space left between the thin sheath being attached to the wall and the cladding in order to facilitate circulation of air and water. If done properly, stone cladding are supposed to last for quite a long time. The look of a house or any particular wall of the house completely changes on cladding with stone.

How Much Does It’s Cost ?

Well, to talk about it, cladding of Stacked stones is a costly process. The cost of the walls- both interior and exterior Wall of a house may vary from vendor to vendor. It usually depends on the type of panel or tiles which are used for cladding Projects. There is no exact costing specified for the process and it usually varies from country and regions.

The cost of stone cladding UK may be more than Northern Ireland. Usually, the rate ranges between $50 to $60 per hour. However, rates may go up and down depending on certain factors. Each and every professional working for cladding must be highly skilled as the job requires a lot of effort and perfection to be done. The maintenance cost of Wall cladding is immensely low. One of the main aspects of maintenance is to notice whether the growth of fungus or moulds does not occur in stone cladded walls. It is always preferable to use natural stones for cladding since it is unlikely to break or break away .

Nowadays technology has advanced a lot and one of the contributions of this advancement is stone cladding. This process can bring a certain change in the overall look of your house and that too in a hassle-free manner. If you are thinking of small-scale renovation of your house, then it is advisable to go for stone cladding. This not only makes the change noticeable but also gives a classy effect to your home.

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