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While constructing the new house or renovating the old house, the exterior look matters a lot. Everyone wants their house to look beautiful and eye-catchy. So they mostly prefer the exterior wall cladding which makes their house look different and elegant. So there are lots of exterior wall tiles which come in different shapes, size, colour and texture.

Exterior Wall Tiles
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Exterior Wall Tiles

Today stone cladding tiles are in the trend which doesn’t need to polish, brush and rusting. These stones give your exterior an elegant, mesmerizing and natural look.You can use stone cladding at different exterior places like the home exterior, garden walls, paths and patios, floor, inside walls and also in fireplaces.

Outer Wall Tile Design Ideas

For your outdoor living space and garden, there are different ideas to make the exterior healthy, beautiful and elegant. There are many exterior wall tiles design ideas are given below.

  • Metallic wall tiles that build the metallic environment for your outdoor space and floor. These metallic tiles are available in bronze, gold and platinum key colours.
  • Sandstone are made up of sand particles and rock. These days sandstone are popular because of its durability and water resistant. These are available in the range of beautiful colour and texture like white, red, grey, black.
  • Slate tiles give the natural look to your house with natural stone slates. These slates are highly water resistant and tough. These also come in different colour, shapes and sizes.
  • Lime stone are made up of calcium carbonate material which has durability and water resistant.
  • Ceramic tiles are made up of the clay material. These are temperature proof, long lasting and moisture resistant. These are also remarkable in the range of texture, size, and colour. These are popular because of their anti-slip grip feature.
  • Concrete tiles are the best idea for the patio tiles for its concrete look. People choose these tiles for its unique feature of slip-resistant, temperature proof and easy to clean.
  • Wooden tiles are the perfect option to give your balcony a wooden look. It gives the balcony a natural look with the surrounding greenery .

Outside Wall Tiles Combination And Selection

The selection of a combination of exterior wall tiles needs lots of time and effort to choose the perfect exterior combination. The choice of the tiles depends upon the capacity and consistency of the tiles so that it can protect your outdoor from UV rays, climate change and pollution. The tight and solid range of wall cladding makes the floor and the outside space long lasting and adorable and gives it a natural look. While the selection of a combination of the exterior wall tiles you must note down the following things.

  • Size: exterior wall tile sizes take into consideration while selecting tiles. For the large outdoor space, use the small stone tile which has a dark and bright colour combination. For the small outdoor space,buy large tiles and entails a minimal amount of cutting and wastage.
  • Floor: for the flooring purpose, chooses the stain proof and slip-resistant tiles that make the floor more durable and natural looks. For the outdoor floor, concrete and slate stone tiles are the best.
  • Colour: choose the bright and dark colour combination tiles for the outdoor space which makes it easy to maintain and for the long-lasting natural look.
  • Grout: the grout lines should be less visible if you use the matching tile grout.
  • Resistant: the outdoor space has to handle all the climate changes like UV rays, rain and sunlight. So choose those tiles which are resistant free from slipping, stains, water and so on.
  • Aesthetics: architects and designers always opt for the endless range of decorative designer tiles, colour and texture which completely transform your home decor into the new and aesthetic look.

External Wall Tiles Cost

Exterior wall tiles cost depends upon the selection of design and shape of your tiles. For buying the perfect wall tiles it is important to make a note on the size, texture, shape of the tiles you want to give the best look of your outdoor. You have to notice certain things like surrounding, coating, colour, absorbing sound energy, changing climate resistance and personal touch to your outdoor space. There are so many companies who make a good plan for you as per your demand and preference. They make quotes for you, and you can select one out of them as per your budget.

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