After construction of a new house or building flooring, marble floor designs is an important decision to take. While selecting the marble for flooring purpose you must choose the durable and elegant marble. The marble flooring must be easily cleanable and gleaming. It becomes difficult to choose the right marble for your floor but it becomes easy if you know what option you want to choose. To make your marble floor choice easy we have some tips which help you to choose the best out of lots.

We have some ideas for choosing the right flooring design.

  • Paving New Paths : For the interior design, paving paths are trendy for flooring purpose. It leaves a lot of scopes for creativity to improve the interior design. These tiles are arranged in a square pattern. These tiles are easy to install and appears intriguing for a fresh start .
  • Greying The Edge : It gives your marble an elegant look. In this pattern, white marbles are installed in the centre and grey marbles are installed surrounding it. Both white and grey marbles are separated by black marbles boundary which makes it different and mat like the look. You can also invert white and grey marbles as well.
  • Stay Within Lines : For the hall flooring, bordered flooring scheme is most common. You can use the colour contrast in an imaginative way to call the attention of people. It brings space to life with coherence design scheme in the house.
  • Parquet Pleasure : You can cut the longitudinal tiles in any pattern and install it in parquet pleasure style which makes your floor attractive and amazing. Each marble texture is different, unique, new and diverse. You can arrange the marble in any Act pattern and make your artwork.
  • Simple And Creative : Plain hall with artistry veined marble design of different colours and shapes will boost the marvellous sentiments. It also brings colourful decor of the surrounding area. You can add some more features in your hall or room according to the floor like soft lighting reflection and honed finish etc.
  • Modern Mystery : there are many different designs and shapes of marbles which are used to give the floor an elegant look. On magazine pages, you can take a look of different mysterious designs like abstract designs,mosaic plaques, liner artwork and so on. You can choose anyone out of these designs which makes your home or interior adorable.
  • Artistic Inlays : there are many gorgeous designs which make your floor aesthetic and eye-catchy. You can choose design, texture and colour combination like white and grey marbles with black boundaries give your floor mat look.

Making Small Place Bigger

If you want to give a bigger look to small space of the bathroom, bedroom or any other space than with the guidance of experts you can select different colour, texture and shapes of marbles. You can use light and neutral colour tiles to get the feeling of open space. To reflect light all around you can use marble tiles like white, grey and cream. To make the smaller space bigger use small light marbles with less number of the shelf in the room.

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